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  1. New Products | April – June 2-18

    Please, have a look at the below Catalogue.

    Again. we brought a wide range of New Products especially for You, including Stators, Rectifiers and more.

    If you cannot find a part you’re looking for, please get in touch with us via phone: 01953 603 420 or email us: 

    We are looking forward to hear from You.

    Best Regards

    Moto-Electrical Team


  2. New Products Catalogue | Jan-March 2018

    Please, have a look at the below Catalogue. We brought You a wide range of New Products, including Stators, Rectifiers, Cap Coils and more.

    If you cannot find a part you’re looking for, please get in touch with us via phone: 01953 603 420 or email: 

    We are looking forward to hear from You.

    Best Regards

    Moto-electrical Team


  3. New Products !!! August 2017

    NEW Products are already here!


    Details are available from below catalogue.

    For full range of products, please visit our website: 

  4. NEW Products Are Here!!! June 2017

    June 2017,
    NEW Product Updates are already here.
    Details are available from below catalogue.




    For a full range of products, please visit our website:  

  5. NEW Products Are Here!!! May 2017

    May 2017 NEW Product Updates are already here, don`t be shy and have a look around.


    To cover increasing demand for parts we just added more items to our offer.

    Details are available from the below catalogue and on our website.


    For a full range of products, please visit our website: or Ebay.





  6. LED Light Bars In Various Sizes. Now In Stock!!!


    ***New Product Alert***


    First LED was created in 1927, since then technology  made a huge jump and today we literally surrounded by the Light Emitted Diodes – they’re almost in every aspect of our lives, especially when it comes to

    LED Lights are the most effective solution for your ATV, UTV or any other vehicle.

    All our light bars feature CREE LED technology, which revolutionised lighting industry.

    Did you know that CREE LED is actually a microchip which emits an incredible pure white light with outstanding brightness?


    Main Features:

    • Voltage: 12v
    • Power range:  72W to 120W (From 5760 to 19200 Lumen)
    • All Light Bars are IP 65 rated (waterproof / dust-proof)
    • Outstanding Energy Efficiency (comparing to halogen lights)
    • Intense bright Light
    • Incredible life span

    Our LED Light Bars are Combination Of Spot And Flood Light.

    Available in three different sizes: 386mm, 593mm &  1103mm Length.

    Easy to mount (brackets included) and connect to the power source.

    Light Bars are available from £44.80 (including VAT) and could be purchased directly from our website or ebay.
    Universal wiring loom which suits all our LED Light Bars is available separately from £19.20 (including VAT) on our website and ebay.



    For a full range please visit our website.

  7. Now Available – Honda Varadero 125 Starter Motor

    New Honda Varadero 125 starter motor 2001-2006 now available.!

    ***New Product Alert***


    Introducing our new Honda Varadero 125 Starter Motor for 2001-2006 Models. P/N: SMU0540


    By Popular demand we have just received stock of our brand new Honda Varadero 125 Starter Motors. Please note Honda changed the Varadero 125 starter motor after 2006 which has a different Honda part number to the 2001-2006 model. Some re-sellers are listing the same unit for both the 2001-2006 models and the 2007- 2010 model, this is not something we have tested ourselves and therefore cannot confirm it as Honda list different part numbers for both types, however it is widely reported that both units will cross-match each other.


    If you are purchasing this unit for your 2007-2010 XL125V please compare your original unit to ours before fitting to make 100% sure it would fit.


    SMU0540 is available @ £125 (Inc VAT) and can be purchased either through our website here or through our eBay store.


    This replacement unit is used on the following Honda Motorcycles:

    • XL125V Varadeo 2001-2006
    • VT125C Shadow 1999-2006


    And it replaces the Honda OEM part references:

    • 31200-KGB-611
    • 31200-KPC-D21


    For a full application listing, please see our website.


    Honda 125 Varadero Starter Motor for 2001-2006 models


    RRP: £125 (Inc VAT)

  8. Do you need a new Starter Motor for your Briggs & Stratton Engine?



    Have you got a Lawnmower with a Briggs & Stratton engine? Are you looking to replace the starter motor, but not quite sure which one you need?


    Introducing our new, easy to use tool which helps pin point the correct starter for you. All you need to know is: The type of gear on the starter motor; how many teeth that gear has; and the length of the black casing (excluding the 2 end brackets).


    Once you have this information simply follow our easy to use selection tool to find the starter motor you need.

    First, please select the type of gear your starter motor has.

    Briggs & Stratton Plastic Gear Briggs & Stratton Metal Gear



    Finding the correct part

    The easiest way to find the correct part for your engine is to find the original manufacturers part number, which is normally stamped on the unit its self or written in the parts manual (once you have this number, enter it into our keyword search box above), sometimes it is not possible due to wear/damage to the unit or the parts manual not being available. If this is the case if you find both the engine model and type number (which is usual stamped on the frame of the engine) and get in contact with us quoting these numbers, we can then consult our system to find the correct part for you.


    Briggs & Stratton

    Briggs & Stratton are possibly the most commonly used engine provider when it comes to lawn and garden machinery. With over 60 engine models currently in production and 100s of previous models, the list of parts that go into these engines is extensive.

    Finding the correct part for your engine can sometimes be tricky as over time part numbers can wear off or be covered up. Thankfully we have a simple solution to tell which starter motor is the correct unit for your engine.

    Simply by counting the number of teeth on the drive gear; noting the type of gear that is on the starter (plastic or metal); and the length of the black casing (Not including the end brackets) this will help to narrow down your search to 1-2 possible starter motors. Identifying Briggs & Stratton parts.


    Who are we

    Moto-Electrical are the leading supplier of electrical components in the UK, we supply high quality parts at competitive prices. Working with global companies such as Arrowhead; CRC; Xtreme; and RM Stator we strive not only to bring the best quality and prices on the market but also provide customers with the support and knowledge needed to make an informed decision when purchasing these products.

    Currently, we stock a wide range of parts for Briggs & Stratton engines, from starter motors to Ignition coils.

  9. Ignition Cap Coils | Now in stock and only £48!!

    Moto-Electrical | Ignition cap coils now available!

    Ignition Cap Coils only £48


    Introducing our new range of cap coils!


    Here at Moto-Electrical we aim to provide you with a wide range of products to meet all of your needs. This is true with starter motors, alternators, stators, regulators and everything in between. Below you’ll find our new range of Ignition cap coils, if you don’t see the part for your vehicle then get in touch with us at or give us a call on 01953603420!



    RMSTATOR Ignition cap coils

    rm06011_3 Ignition cap coils rm06011_2 Ignition cap coils  rm06036-s318 Ignition cap coils
    RM06011-M510 RM06011-S314 RM06036-S318

    • FZ 1 2002-2006
    • V-Max 1700 2009-2014
    • YZF R1 2002-2006
    • YZF R6 2003, 2006

    • FX Nytro 2008-2014
    • RS Rage 2005-2007
    • RS Vector 2005-2015
    • RS Venture 2005-2015
    • RS Viking 2010-2015
    • RX Warrior 2004-2005
    • RX-1 2003-2005

    • Apex 1000 2006-2015
    • Attack 1000 2006-2007
    • Phazer 500 2007-2015
    • Venture 500 2007-2014
    • 5PW-82310-00-00
    • 5SL-82310-00-00
    • 5VY-82310-00-00
    • 5SL-82310-20-00
    • 8ES-82310-00-00
    • 8FA-82310-00-00
    • 8FA-82310-01-00
    • 8FP-82310-00-00
    rm06036-w126 Ignition cap coils rm06039-s320 Ignition cap coils rm06043 Ignition cap coils
    RM06036-W126 RM06039-S320 RM06043

    • FX 1000 2005-2008
    • FX 1100 2004-2008
    • VX 1100 2005-2014
    Arctic Cat

    • 660 Bearcat 2003-2008
    • 660 Panther 2006-2007
    • 370 Panther 2008
    • 660 Trail 2002-2003
    • T 660 Turbo 2002-2008

    • ER-6N 2001
    • Ninja 650-650R 2006-2015
    • Ninja 1000 2011-2013
    • Versys 650 2007-2014
    • ZX12R 2004-2005
    • Z 750S 2005-2006
    • Z 1000 2003-2013
    • 6B6-82310-00-00
    • 6D3-82310-00-00
    • 6D3-82310-01-00
    • 3006-280
    • 3007-402
    • 3007-590
    • 30700-MEE-641
    • 21171-1286
    rm06044 Ignition cap coils rm06045 Ignition cap coils rm06046 Ignition cap coils
    RM06044 RM06045 RM06046

    • Boulevard M109
    • Burgman AN650 2003-2009
    • GSX 650 F 2008-2009
    • GSF 1250 Bandit 2007-2009
    • GSXR 1000 | 600 | 750 2002-2008
    • VZR1800 2006-2014

    • Concours 14 2008-2014
    • Ninja ZX10R 2004-2010
    • Ninja ZX14 2006-2015

    • YFZ450 2004-2013
    • WR450F 2003-2009, 2011
    • YZ450F 2003-2009
    • 33410-35F10
    • 21171-0005
    • 5TA-82310-10-00
    rm06042 Ignition cap coils

    • Ninja ZX6R 2009-2015
    • 21171-0021


    *Trade discount applies.