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Stator For Yamaha | YFM 550 Grizzly + YFM 700 Grizzly

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Full Description
Technical Specification

Stator For Yamaha | YFM 550 Grizzly + YFM 700 Grizzly | 2007-2020

Key Features:

  • Application Compatibility: This stator is specifically designed for Yamaha off-road vehicles, including the YFM 550 Grizzly and YFM 700 Grizzly, with model years ranging from 2007 to 2020. The compatibility ensures that it seamlessly integrates into the electrical system of these Yamaha Grizzly models.
  • Quality Construction: The use of high-grade components and construction methods contributes to the overall durability and reliability of the part, meeting the standards expected for Yamaha vehicles.
  • Optimized Performance: As a critical component of the electrical system, the stator is engineered to deliver optimized performance. It plays a vital role in generating the electrical power needed for the vehicle’s operation, and this stator is designed to provide a reliable and consistent output.
  • Easy Installation
  • Compatibility Assurance: Engineered to meet the specifications and requirements of Yamaha YFM 550 Grizzly and YFM 700 Grizzly models, this stator offers compatibility assurance. This ensures that it works seamlessly with the electrical system of these Yamaha off-road vehicles.
  • Durable Construction: Off-road vehicles, such as the Yamaha Grizzly, often face challenging conditions.
  • Premium Materials: The use of premium materials in the construction of this stator reflects a commitment to quality and longevity. High-grade components contribute to the part’s ability to endure the demands of off-road adventures and regular use.

Enhance Your Yamaha Grizzly Riding Experience:

Upgrade or replace the stator on your Yamaha YFM 550 Grizzly or YFM 700 Grizzly produced between 2007 and 2020 with confidence. The Stator For Yamaha | YFM 550 Grizzly + YFM 700 Grizzly | 2007-2020 offers a quality solution designed for durability, reliability, and easy installation. Ensure your Yamaha Grizzly’s electrical system operates optimally for your off-road adventures with this premium stator.

Fits Models

Yamaha ATV Models:

  • YFM 550 Grizzly:
    • 2009-2014
  • YFM 700 Grizzly:
    • 2007-2020

Replaces OEM

  • 28P-81410-00-00
  • 28P-81410-01-00
  • 3B4-81410-00-00

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Dimensions : Interior diameter : 45mm Exterior diameter : 106mm Thickness : 27mm Length of wires stator to grommet : 100mm Length of wires grommet to plug : 550mm, 1100mm Length of pickup coil's wire to grommet : 80mm Other specifications : Number of wires : 5 Number of plugs : 2 Number of pins : 5 Wire to wire resistance : Alternator : White between each White = 0.4ohms +/-20% Alternator : White to Ground = 0.L on Display Pickup : White to Grey = 500ohms +/-20%

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