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Briggs & Stratton Part Finder

If you’re looking for a starter motor, simply use our selection tool below to find the correct part.

Picking the right starter motor for you.
Simply follow the selection boxes below to help identify the starter motor you need.

First, please select the type of gear you have.


Finding the correct part
The easiest way to find the correct part for your engine is to find the original manufacturers part number, which is normally stamped on the unit its self or written in the parts manual (once you have this number, enter it into our keyword search box above), sometimes it is not possible due to wear/damage to the unit or the parts manual not being available. If this is the case if you find both the engine model and type number (which is usual stamped on the frame of the engine) and get in contact with us quoting these numbers, we can then consult our system to find the correct part for you.

Briggs & Stratton

Briggs & Stratton are possibly the most commonly used engine provider when it comes to lawn and garden machinery. With over 60 engine models currently in production and 100s of previous models, the list of parts that go into these engines is extensive.

Finding the correct part for your engine can sometimes be tricky as over time part numbers can wear off or be covered up. Thankfully we have a simple solution to tell which starter motor is the correct unit for your engine.