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All Balls Heavy Duty CV Shaft AB8-CA-8-329

SKU: AB8-CA-8-329

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Full Description

All Balls Heavy Duty CV Shaft AB8-CA-8-329

  • AB8-CA-8-329
  • Quality Product
  • Made with premium materials

Fits Models:

  • Maverick X3 [900cc] (17)
  • Maverick X3 HO [900cc] (18)
  •  Maverick X3 Max Turbo [900cc] (18-21)
  •  Maverick X3 Max Turbo DS [900cc] (22)
  •  Maverick X3 Max Turbo R [900cc] (18-21)
  •  Maverick X3 Max Turbo R XDS [900cc] (18-19)
  •  Maverick X3 Max Turbo RR XDS [900cc] (20-21)
  •  Maverick X3 Turbo [900cc] (18-21)
  •  Maverick X3 Turbo DS [900cc] (22)
  •  Maverick X3 Turbo R [900cc] (18-19,21)
  •  Maverick X3 Turbo R XDS [900cc] (18-19)
  •  Maverick X3 Turbo RR XDS [900cc] (20-21)
  •  Maverick X3 Turbo XMR [900cc] (18-21)
  •  Maverick X3 Turbo XRC [900cc] (18-21)
  •  Maverick X3 XDS [900cc] (17)

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