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CDI Module For High Performance | Polaris | Trail Boss 250

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Full Description
Technical Specification

Experience High Performance with the Moto-Electrical CDI Module for Polaris Trail Boss 250

Upgrade your Polaris Trail Boss 250’s ignition system with the Moto-Electrical CDI Module for High Performance. This Plug-and-play unit offers easy installation, an enhanced timing curve, increased rev limiter (approximately 1000 rpm), and a higher grade of electronic components. With quality exceeding OEM standards, all products are tested, and a one-year limited warranty ensures reliability.

Key Features:

  1. Plug-and-Play Unit: The CDI Module is designed as a Plug-and-play unit, ensuring a direct fit and straightforward installation.
  2. Enhanced Timing Curve: Enjoy improved engine performance with the enhanced timing curve provided by the CDI Module. This feature contributes to better throttle response and overall power delivery.
  3. Increased Rev Limiter: Experience a higher rev limit, approximately 1000 rpm more than the stock setting. This increased rev limiter allows for extended power in various riding conditions.
  4. Higher Grade of Electronic Components
  5. Quality Exceeds OEM Standards: Moto-Electrical prioritizes quality, and this CDI Module surpasses OEM standards, offering superior performance and longevity.
  6. Tested and One-Year Limited Warranty: All products shipped undergo testing to guarantee performance. Additionally, the CDI Module comes with a one-year limited warranty, providing peace of mind.

Compatibility: Ensure compatibility with your exact model year for optimal performance.

Upgrade Your ATV’s Ignition System for High Performance: Enhance your Polaris Trail Boss 250’s ignition system with the Moto-Electrical CDI Module for High Performance. Enjoy improved throttle response, increased rev limits, and superior performance on your ATV adventures.

Fits Models

  • Polaris Trail Boss 250 1988 -1988
  • Trail Boss 250 R/ES 1988 -1988

Replaces OEM

  • 3083643
  • 3083910

Please note that CDIs (Capacitor Discharge Ignition systems) are not covered by our warranty. Due to the specific nature of this technology, they are non-refundable. (If you have any questions, please contact us directly).

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  • Extensive Product Range: With over 4000 products and continual additions, we are the leading supplier of aftermarket electrical parts and accessories for motorcycles, ATVs, tractors, and more.
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Company Details:

Choose Moto-Electrical as your trusted supplier for top-quality electrical parts, competitive pricing, expert support, and an extensive range of reliable products meeting all your needs.

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Height: 45 mm 
Length: 44.5 mm 
Width: 25.46 mm

Other specifications:
Number of plugs: 3
Number of pins: 5

Please note:

The only real way to test your CDI box is to swap it out with another known good unit from the same year/make/model. Because of this, we recommend that you rule everything else out before replacing the CDI box. Our CDI may use a different wire color code then you’re original. 

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